About IGS


The International and Global Studies Program educates and empowers students to be engaged global citizens. Our interdisciplinary, liberal arts approach emphasizes intercultural competency, strong foreign language proficiency, and a critical understanding of the complexity and interconnectedness of world regions and populations.  Study Abroad and other cross-cultural experiences are also integral components of the Program. We therefore prepare our students for a variety of public- and private-sector careers where these qualities and experiences are valued, as well as for graduate and professional studies in fields with an international or global focus.

Program Objectives

In order to achieve its Mission, the IGS Program is designed to meet 5 core objectives:

OBJECTIVE 1:  Research: Students will be able to locate and comprehend information provided by a range of authoritative sources pertinent to the study of international and global issues.

OBJECTIVE 2: Critical Analysis and Evaluation: Students will be able to analyze critically and evaluate international and global issues through the application of research.

OBJECTIVE 3:  Intercultural Competence: Students will understand accurately and adapt behavior appropriately to cultural difference and commonality.

OBJECTIVE 4:  Communication Skills: Students will be able to communicate relevant facts and argue positions, orally and in writing, in a clear and persuasive manner, appropriate to a given audience and occasion, relating to international and global topics.

OBJECTIVE 5:  Foreign Language: Students will attain a third-year-level college proficiency in a foreign language.

For information on the structure of the IGS Program, see Concentrations.

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