Program Requirements Overview

IGS Major Basic Requirements

IGS MAJOR REQUIREMENTS:  Students pursuing a major in Special Programs/International and Global Studies complete 30 semester hours of course work at the 200 level and above (w/ grades of C- or better), including one WI and one SI (usually met by IGS 400 WI/SI).  The 30 semester hours of course work for the major consists of the following elements:

A. Foreign Language  (6 sh)
3rd-year level or higher of a modern foreign language. (Regional Studies majors/minors must focus on a language of their region.)

B. Core Courses  (6 sh)

  • Intro Core Course: IGS 200 or 210 or 213 or an approved equivalent (required for the major & the minor)
  • Capstone Seminar: IGS 400 (required for the major)

C.  Additional Courses (18 sh [with a minimum of 9 sh at the 300+ level])

IGS 223, 333, 493, 495, and approved offerings in departments and other programs corresponding to the four IGS categories (Note: Courses should focus on the modern period [i.e., from the 19th century through the present]; search the Registrar’s Course Offerings each semester for approved options; check the Additional Course Guidefor major-level concentrations for all approved courses and their IGS category designations. IGS has created a self-enrolled CANVAS module where students can find all the information about courses and advising.)

IGS Categories:

  1. Society & Politics (S&P): Courses focusing on international or global issues from a political, social, or historical perspective.
  2. Economics & Development (E&D): Courses focusing on international or global issues from an economic and/or development perspective.
  3. Arts & Literature (A&L): Courses about the arts and literatures of countries and regions beyond US borders.
  4. Belief Systems & Cultures (BS&C): Courses focusing on the philosophical, religious and/or cultural traditions and issues of societies beyond US borders.

Additional Courses Distribution & Concentration Requirements:

  • ALL MAJORS may complete up to 9 sh in one category but no more than 6 sh in any other.
  • FUNCTIONAL STUDIES majors must complete at least 15 sh in their concentration (Note:  for Affairs & Development, 15 sh must be completed in S&P & E&D; for Arts & Belief Systems, in A&L & BS&C), including 9 sh at the 300+ levels.
  • REGIONAL STUDIES majors must complete at least 12 sh related to their region, including 6 sh at the 300 level or above.

D. International/Global Experience (IGE) Requirement

Starting fall 2014, new majors must complete a qualified STUDY ABROAD experience (or an approved equivalent) by the end of their studies. (Note: Majors with Catalog Terms of spring 2014 and before are not affected by this requirement.)

IGS MINOR REQUIREMENTS: Students pursuing a minor in Special Programs/International and Global Studies  will complete 18 semester hours at the 200 level and above (w/ grades of C- or better), including 6 sh of a modern foreign language at the upper-level, 3 sh of an approved “Intro to IGS” course, and 9 sh of Additional Courses, all of which must be specific to the concentration, with no more than 6 sh in one category and with at least 6 sh at the 300 level or above.

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