IGSSA Solidarity Statement

The International and Global Studies Student Association stands with the Black community and the Black Lives Matter Movement. Being an international club gives us the privilege to take the time to educate ourselves on the importance of diversity, justice, and equity. We understand that it is not only an international issue but one that is of the utmost importance within our own communities. We encourage everyone to educate themselves and others. Attend peaceful protests if you can, donate to reliable and credible organizations, support black-owned businesses, and SPEAK UP to racial injustice. Being silent is being complicit. As famous activist Angela Davis said: “It is not enough to be quietly non-racist. Now is the time to be actively anti-racist.” With that being said, make sure you take time for yourself and your mental health; step away from social media for a bit and take time to breathe, meditate, read a book, go for a walk (while practicing social distancing), and recharge. We all must take the time to recharge to continue the fight. Below we have compiled a list of places you are able to donate, petitions that you can sign, and Black-owned businesses both national and local that you can support.


-IGSSA President & Secretary

Sarah Myers & Alyssa Major-Moze

Places to Donate:

Petitions to Sign

Black Owned Businesses to Support

Online Retailers:

North Carolina Specific:

  • General NC Restaurants
  • Greensboro Specific:
    • Emma Key’s
    • Stephanie’s
    • Paradise West Indian
    • Dame’s Chicken and Waffles
    • Summit Cafe
    • De Reggae
    • Taste of Ethiopia
    • Hickory Tree Bbq
  • The Heir Salon: Durham Based Hair Salon

Small Business Instagram Pages (You can support from anywhere): *Go to @roohiamber page to get the full list*


  • @oyinhandmade
  • @solonoir
  • @ehoneyskin
  • @buttahskin


  • @kncbeauty
  • @mdmflow
  • @mentedcosmetics


  • @tastesanaia
  • @boo.b.ltd
  • @theoplolisvineyards


  • @ceeceeaclosetnyc
  • @dorcascreates
  • @brothervellies


  • @_melaniemarie_
  • @dorcascreates
  • @peaceimagesjewelry
  • @jamandrico
  • @thirdcrown


  • @ozzieolive
  • @braveandkindbooks
  • @avaandisa


  • @ohhappydani
  • @materiallife
  • @a_single_suggestion


  • @helloyowie
  • @bespokebinny
  • @toolsforlivingba


  • @mahoganybooks
  • @unclebobbies
  • @harrietts_bookshop