About the Concentration

你好 (ni hao) 今日は (Konnichiwa)

Asian Studies is a regionally focused interdisciplinary concentration at the major and minor levels of the Special Program in Liberal Studies/International & Global Studies (SPLS/IGS).  It is intended for undergraduate students with a keen interest in studying Asia (broadly defined as encompassing mainland and maritime East Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia) in multiple historical contexts and from a variety of complementary perspectives.  Courses focusing on Asian politics, social and human rights issues, history, geography, economics and development, religions, cultures, and the arts (including the plastic, performing, literary, and cinematic arts) are especially suitable for this major.

Major in SPLS/IGS with a concentration in Asian Studies.  Students pursuing the major-level concentration in Asian Studies complete 30 semester hours of course work to include:

  • 6 s.h. of course work, at the 300-level or higher, on one of the foreign languages of Asia (especially Chinese and Japanese; other Asian languages may be approved by the Director);
  • 6 s.h of IGS core courses: IGS 200: “Introduction to International and Global Studies” or IGS 210: “Introduction to Asian Studies” (preferred); and IGS 400: “Capstone Seminar in International and Global Studies*;
    Students with this concentration will develop their end-of-major capstone research project for IGS 400 around a topic inspired by an issue of concern in present-day Asia.
  • 18 s.h. of Additional Course work (at least 9 s.h. of which must be at the 300-level or higher) on international and/or global topics corresponding to the four content categories of IGS:  Society and Politics; Economics and Development; Arts and Literature; Belief Systems and Cultures.**  At least 12 s.h. must comprise course work whose content focuses 51% or more on Asia; 6-9 s.h. of these Asia-focused courses must be at the 300-level or higher.
    ** To ensure category breadth, no more than 9 s.h. may come from a single category; after that, no more than 6 s.h. may come from any other category.
  • International/Global Experience Requirement: Starting fall 2014, new majors must complete a qualified study abroad experience by the end of their studies.  Asian Studies majors will complete this requirement in an Asian country (other sites and options subject to approval by the Director).

Second major in SPLS/IGS with a concentration in Asian Studies.  The second major must meet the same requirements as the Major, with at least 12 s.h. taken outside the student’s first major.

Minor in SPLS/IGS with a concentration in Asian Studies.  The minor must complete 18 s.h., including the IGS modern foreign language requirement (6 s.h.), an Intro Core course (IGS 200 or IGS 210 [preferred]) (3 s.h.), and 3 Additional Courses whose content focuses 51% or more on Asia (9 s.h.), with at least 2 courses (6 s.h.) at the upper-level and representing at least 2 program categories.