About the Concentration

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”
– Article 1. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

International and Global Human Rights is an interdisciplinary “Functional Studies” concentration at the major level (only) of the Special Program in Liberal Studies/International & Global Studies (SPLS/IGS).  It is intended for undergraduate students committed to humanitarian activism who have a keen interest in studying human rights issues across the globe and in learning how agencies work locally, nationally, and internationally to promote the just treatment of all people in accordance with international norms that likewise recognize the beliefs, values, and codes of conduct of individual societies.  Internationally and globally focused course work examining topics such as slavery and segregation, fascist Europe, Soviet and post-Soviet Russia, postcolonial societies (and their literatures), the African Diaspora, international law (and related agencies), race and ethnic relations, gender and civil rights, the effects of biotechnology on society, ethics and international affairs, and immigration and ethnicity is especially relevant to this major.

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Major in SPLS/IGS with a concentration in International and Global Human Rights (HR).  Students pursuing the major-level concentration in HR complete 30 semester hours of course work to include:

  • 6 s.h. at the 300-level or higher of a modern foreign language;
  • • 6 s.h of IGS core courses: IGS 200: “Introduction to International and Global Studies” (preferred) or IGS 210: “Introduction to Asian Studies” or IGS 213: “Introduction to Russian Studies”; and IGS 400: “Capstone Seminar in International and Global Studies*;
    Students with this concentration will develop their end-of-major capstone research project for IGS 400 around a topic inspired by a human rights issue of concern somewhere in the world beyond US borders.
  • 18 s.h. of Additional Course work on international and/or global topics corresponding to the four content categories of IGS:  Society and Politics; Economics and Development; Arts and Literature; Belief Systems and Cultures.**  At least 15 s.h. must comprise course work whose content focuses 51% or more on human rights; 9 s.h. of these HR-focused courses must be at the 300-level or higher.
    ** To ensure category breadth, no more than 9 s.h. may come from a single category; after that, no more than 6 s.h. may come from any other category.
  • International/Global Experience Requirement:  Starting fall 2014, new majors must complete a qualified study abroad experience by the end of their studies.  International and Global Human Rights majors may complete this requirement at any site approved by the International Programs Center, though it is advisable to study in a country or region where human rights have been a major concern in the modern period (alternative experiences are subject to approval by the Director).

Second major in SPLS/IGS with a concentration in International and Global Human Rights.  The second major must meet the same requirements as the Major, with at least 12 s.h. taken outside the student’s first major.