Stephanie Gimenez

Stephanie Gimenez grew up in France. By the time she graduated, she had studied German for 7 years, English for 5 years, and Italian for 2 years.  In 2002, she enrolled at UNCG. Stephanie is ready to pursue the field of transatlantic politics. Last year, she was accepted at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and is also applying to the Transatlantic Master’s program at UNC Chapel Hill.

“During my freshman year, while still working hard on my English, I could not make up my mind about a major. The truth is, I was reluctant to specialize in one area by fear of missing out on the vast body of knowledge the world has to offer.

To me, all fields are tied in together. Languages are the highly intricate arts of self-expression, and the blueprints of the various cultural perspectives, experiences and identities of the world. The International and Global Studies program, the broadest and most inter-disciplinary major offered at UNCG, has provided me with a solid and well-rounded understanding of the world.